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A Path to Your Door

If you're looking for the best in outdoor home and landscape lighting, it makes sense to do some brainstorming and thinking about how these installations are going to illuminate and showcase your property. A little research up-front can lead to much better results!

Here are some things that clients talk to us about as they’re designing lighting installations that will fit the unique needs, style and footprint of their homes.

Placement of Lights

It's important to think about where you're going to put individual light sources.

As we help customers to build ideas for path or walkway lighting, we’re looking at tagging individual points on a map or schematic to understand where the bulbs are going to be, and what that means for the overall final result. Are there tall shrubs or trees in the vicinity that require a slight alteration or adjustment? Will the property inhabitants want a wider turn radius or free space to accommodate vehicles or equipment? All of these are good questions when you are making over a functional outdoor space.

Solar or Electric Lights

With today's new solar technology, it's relatively easy to install lights that operate off of their own built-in solar panel.

This is a big advantage for many property owners who have some issues with installing dedicated electrical lines for outdoor lighting.

Sometimes walkways or patios or other installations are in the way – or tree roots can be an issue. However, others want to hardwire their installations to make sure they have more control over the lighting, or for other purposes. It’s all about what makes sense for you and your property.

Luminous Intensity

We also show customers how lights are rated in terms of lumens, because it makes a difference in what you're going to see when you hit the switch. Not having sufficient luminous intensity can really make a project seem drab and uninspired. We will present information including numbers of lumens for bulbs, to help customers understand what lighting is going to look like when it's in place.

Working with Existing Infrastructure

Again, when you're installing new home lighting, you're looking at what's in place already, and how to complement that. If there is not a place to install a light on the ground, for instance, we may suggest placing a light source on a post or mounting one to a wall.

With the right care and design, your new property lighting is going to make your home or investment property sparkle like the jewel that it is. Talk to Vivid Landscape Lighting about how to get the best affordable lighting options and precise installation on-site.

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