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  • Nicolas Kiselewski

Bring Your Home To Life With New Technologies

On our website, we talk about bringing your home to life. We talk about luxury styling and new functionality for your property.

But what does this really mean? One way to look at it is to consider three new technologies that have come together to give us untold options in home design. When we look at this in greater detail, we start to see just how things have come together in exciting ways in the smart home world.

Solar Energy

It wasn't too long ago that solar panels were cost prohibitive, and solar energy was just for a few select people out in the desert somewhere, using bulky batteries and homebrew systems.

Now, by contrast, solar energy is common and popular. You can buy solar cells attached to lighting for a few dollars and it’s easy to install these at your property. So that's one pillar of having luxury smart home systems and new types of high-tech lighting that our customers love. The procurement issues are made much easier, and you don’t have to run wires everywhere.


The LED or light-emitting diode is a fundamental reimagining of Edison's incandescent bulb that was the only option for nearly a century. It’s really groundbreaking, and quite impressive at the end of the day.

As the 21st century came on, we were exploring the possibility of using directly fed LEDs instead of a traditional filament bulb. That cut down on the heat transmitted by light bulbs, and lowered energy costs significantly. It also helped a great deal with fire safety. And it's a major component of what we do for customers! It informs a lot of our modern smart home designs.

Smart Home Systems

At the same time, our society was making great strides in how we construct smart home equipment based on devices and software.

Part of it had to do with the smartphone revolution, but part of it also has to do with the cloud and smaller and smaller microchips that accommodate smaller footprints for the hardware that we use every day.

Anyway, that's another component of what we do in designing the best outdoor lighting systems for properties.

It's these three types of technology altogether that create that promise for new smart home lighting systems that provide so much enjoyment and convenience for customers. Think about year-round programmable lighting that you can use to provide security, show off your property and enjoy special occasions. Call us for expert consultation on what you need for your property. We are the best at what we do, and it shows. Let us be a part of your mission to make your home a spectacular twenty-first century showpiece!

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