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Choosing Exterior Light Fixtures

Today, there are many varieties of exterior light fixtures available. Outdoor light fixtures that provide sufficient lighting and compliment your home are vital elements. When choosing the right ones for your home, there are a variety of styles and a few rules you should keep in mind to make narrowing down your options a breeze.


Climate and location are deciding factors in the durability of your fixtures. Are you in a wet area? Does your exterior expose it's lighting to sun, sand, or other elements? These are questions to consider when making decisions regarding your fixtures. Luckily for you, fixtures are rated by types and uses.

Uplights should be full cast aluminum, brass or copper and not coated with seals and tops that lock firmly into place.


The style you choose should be dependent upon your home's architecture. Keep in mind, you can mix and match fixtures based on your preference. Here are a few of the basics:

1. Exterior Post Lights. Post lights are not attached to your house. They are used to provide ample light to driveways, sidewalks, and even pools.

2. Exterior Wall Lights. These fixtures are generally the most basic type, used to brighten the entrance to your home. They are attached to the exterior walls.

3. Exterior spotlights. Spotlights are the staple for most residential lighting designs. With the correct angles we can reach peaks and keystones which adds depth to your home at night.

4. Exterior Integrated LED- Integrated LED’s are often used to light decks, hardscapes, steps and harder to reach areas where spotlighting isn’t applicable.


Research the requirements in your area before making a decision. Some states require energy-efficient or pollution-reducing fixtures. Often, homeowners' associations have guidelines of their own. Request a list of guidelines and double-check with your association before making a purchase.


How much light are you looking for? Multiple exterior light fixtures help assist in avoiding too much light. Different styles in different areas provide a balance. For example, use post lights along the driveway, wall lights to illuminate the entrance and integrated and recessed for outdoor livening areas. Each area is well lit without an abundance of broad light at night.

For help choosing the appropriate exterior lighting fixtures for your home, contact Vivid Landscape Lighting. Our company has experience with home, landscape, hardscape, deck, garden, and specialty lights. Discover new designs by taking a look at our most recent projects.

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