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Creative Ways Of Enhancing Your Landscape With Lighting

Gone are the days of the single floodlight shining brightly on a home’s property. Advancements in outdoor and landscape lighting have dramatically improved, bringing endless options of products and design possibilities to home and business owners. From lining walkways to illuminating architectural features, the following are creative uses of outdoor and landscape lighting that are sure to boost your home’s curb appeal.

Beyond The Driveway

Landscape lighting has been used to line driveways for some time, but as products advance and become easier to install, home and business owners are beginning to illuminate property pathways of all kinds. Gardens can become filled with path lining soft glows at night, paths to pools and outdoor gathering areas are easily lined with solar lights, and even the edges of property can be lit to beautifully define boundaries.

Spotlighting Trees

For people who may not want a landscape aglow with lighting, spotlighting trees can add just the right dramatic touch. Oftentimes our most beautiful landscape features are trees, some even hundreds of years old. Uplighting these natural art pieces showcases their majestic beauty when the sun goes down, providing focal points that transform from day into night. For even more dramatic effect, consider adding lighting to the tree branches extending upward and into the leaves.

Architectural Ambiance

Almost all properties have some sort of architectural interest that can be highlighted with lighting. Alcoves, columns, arches, and peaks of homes are perfect places to illuminate. Gazebos, decking, patios, and other outdoor structures can become places to gather at night with family and friends if you have the ability to light up the spaces. Lighting creates an ambiance which enhances your enjoyment of the structures on your property as well as your home itself.

Products For Every Design

Lighting products for landscape and outdoor uses offer a wide variety of choices for home and business owners alike. There are lights that fit flush into the ground that are perfect for walkways, pool decking, and patios. Lights that flicker and give off soft glowing hues add flare to eating and gathering spaces, and lights that can change colors at the touch of a button to fit your mood or the season. Your outdoor lighting design can be created specifically for your style, needs, and budget.

Professional Design

Take your property to the next level by customizing your landscape and property lighting. Our team at Vivid Landscape Lighting is experienced in delivering designs that bring the ordinary into the extraordinary. It’s time to shine some light on your unique home and landscape.

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