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  • Nicolas Kiselewski

Help With A Blank Slate

Here's an interesting problem, and an interesting solution that will help you to plan how you maintain your property. It’s worth thinking about, if you feel that you need additional help with outdoor landscaping and night lighting, whether it's a home or business that you are responsible for.

Think about it this way – a building and the adjacent area around it are a big asset. You pay a lot for these assets, and you have quite a responsibility to keep them in good condition.

But in terms of the layout, the setup and how you dress up your property, the options are practically infinite. What do you want to put in place in order to add to the curb appeal of your home or business and make it look really impressive?

Well, there's the rub. We talk to people who are just sort of confounded by this type of brainstorming. It's sort of like a version of writer's block, where they can't come up with the right solution themselves.

Or they come up with all kinds of ideas that might not be practical for an outdoor space. It’s kind of a thorny situation to be in. And sometimes it’s hard to see how things will turn out – that is, unless you’ve got a knowledgeable service company as an active stakeholder who can consult on the final results.

Consulting on Landscape Lighting and More

As we consult on projects, we often hear people talking about things that are not an efficient way to pursue a project.

One easy example is where people are talking about running wires everywhere underground to put in place things like security post lighting and outdoor lighting for garden beds.

We point out to them that they can get massive cost savings just using versatile solar lights, and they say, ‘why didn't I think of that before?’ It’s understandable – these systems are quite new and unfamiliar to many buyers – but to us they represent bold new opportunities for doing more with a property, at less cost.

Crazy Notions?

Or you can look at one of the testimonials on our website, where a fellow came to us with a grand master plan for his property.

When you read what he has to say, you basically understand that he came to us thinking about all of these things that in the end, were not practical, and he was glad that we talked him out of some of his original ideas.

We’re not saying the customers don't have good ideas – they overwhelmingly do. But they're not professionals in the field, and so they might benefit from just getting that second opinion before starting a project that can be laborious and very expensive. We're here to help you on cost, to save!

It's that combination of performance and cost savings that's important for many of our customers.

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