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The Value of Lighting Your Property: New Innovations and More!

there are a whole lot of companies that can come to your home and cut grass, install shrubbery or work with trees. We do something unique – we help you to show off your property well, with innovative landscape lighting that enhances your home’s curb appeal anytime after dark.

The Lighting of Key Property Assets

One way we approach these projects is by determining what parts of your property you want lighted up. Many of our high-end customers have stone or stone veneer porticos or verandas, or other exterior surfaces that they want clearly lighted. Accenting these valuable parts of their façade creates an excellent visual impression. Think about a “castle” style structure at a business (for example, a theme park) and how lighting is used to accentuate the grandeur of the building. That same principle is in play here.

Some of our customers want to light fountains, and some want to light walkways and paths. All of this provides both an aesthetic value, and functionality for navigating your property at night.

Getting Creative with Lighting

If you've ever heard of ‘steampunk’ design, you'll be familiar with how retro engineers create artistic installations by using traditional materials or obsolete fixtures to provide light. These kinds of creative work draw the eye. They can make your property look unique in a world of cookie-cutter houses and drab housing developments. If you have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in a building, you want it to look great! Part of that means working with what your property already has, to make it look even better.

The Value of Power Choices

One of the best values of installing new lighting at your property is that new energy choices give you much more versatility in how you design this exterior lighting.

Gone are the days of carefully running an electric wire through concrete or underground, simply in order to power an individual lightbulb.

These costly and labor-intensive projects are made obsolete by a simple solar cell that will power your set of lights handily, without connecting your infrastructure to the grid. A standing security lamp in the yard, or a pathway lighting or anything else, can be fed by these types of agile energy sources, saving you enormous amounts of time and money.

Talk to Vivid Landscape Lighting about all of the choices at your disposal. We have the experience and the track record to help you to perfect your home or business property’s visual appeal, and use what you have to the maximum effect.

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