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  • Nicolas Kiselewski

Three Ways Outdoor Lighting Has Advanced

There's been a lot of change in product development when it comes to outdoor landscape lighting and related fixtures in recent years. Some of that is good news for property owners who now have more choice in how they set up their outdoor lighting.

If you have some old systems that are not performing well, or you haven't looked at what's newly available, it might be a good idea to think about updating or upgrading your outdoor lighting. You may be amazed at what is on the market, and how it can be deployed to improve your exterior.

Sensors and Controls

Old outdoor lighting systems were often switch-operated. Now we know that this is a kind of archaic and inefficient way to run outdoor lights. It's relatively easy to put them on a night and day timer, and today you can even experiment with customizable controls routed to your smartphone. That's much different than the old days of manually turning lights on and off, and much more convenient for property owners.

Energy Efficiency

New LED lights throw much less power in the form of heat. They last much longer than traditional bulbs, and conserve much more electricity. That's valuable when it comes to designing your outdoor lighting in yard and landscaping spaces.


Along with the energy savings, LEDs promise new kinds of design when it comes to outfitting the exterior of your building and surrounding areas like lawns, patios, verandas and outdoor grilling stations. Your old security lamppost can be replaced with rope-style lighting, recessed lighting, and portable lighting that you can move around at will. Different kinds of solar lighting are also coming onto the market, so that you don't need to wire your lights anymore, or even provide a battery.

It’s hard to overstate the advantages here. Homeowners and others who would have had to run expensive lines through infrastructure can now add any sort of dazzling outdoor light display wirelessly, and enjoy excellent and vibrant illumination all year round. They can even do it using the natural energy of the sun.

Talk to Vivid Landscape Lighting about what you can do at your property. We have the track record and reputation that you want when choosing a contractor to come in and make your property look like a million bucks. Schedule a consultation online, and don’t forget to check out our project gallery to see what we have done in the past. Then let’s talk about what will work for you.

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