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Types of Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting has shone through many different fields of practice. Trades as diverse as retail and marketing as they illuminate shops and office buildings, depending on outdoor light fixtures. Facilities and plants rely on outdoor lighting for added safety. At the same time, consumers are asking for everything from landscape lights to decorative fixtures to complete their exterior design.

When it comes to choosing the perfect lighting fixtures for the outside of your home or office, there are a variety of fixtures available. Not only are these fixtures useful for lighting and safety purposes, but they also give your property a sense of beauty.

Flood Lights

Floodlights provide wide-spread lighting, which covers large areas and secret nooks, which may not be easy to illuminate. Such views can help protect people and properties from theft, as well as from vandalism in buildings and other public spaces. For large areas, including stadiums and parking lots, floodlights are popular and use LEDs for superior spotlights.

Motion Sensor Lighting

Sensors consist of small pieces of electronics that detect infrared waves when things move. When a motion sensor senses a large amount of heat radiation that is present in humans, animals, and vehicles, it immediately turns the lights on. An administrator will schedule the timer to keep the lights on within a range of 1-20 minutes or so. This feature only works at night and during dark hours, since it is deactivated through a photocell during the day.


Spotlights that are usually used in accent lighting and landscaping offer direct and concentrated light on critical areas. Illuminate spotlights with signs, doors, fittings, and photos. Spotlights vary from floodlights in that spotlights concentrate beams in narrow lines aimed at one focal point instead of scattering light across a wide area.

Landscape Lights

Landscape lighting is a specific form of outdoor lighting, as it is used both for private and public spaces. For the protection and public enjoyment, parks, office building terraces, and open verandas rely on landscape lighting–such as globes, spotlights, and LED light fixtures. Landscape lighting involves key organic design elements, use of LEDs, light pollution, size, and controls.

For help choosing the appropriate exterior lighting fixtures for your home, contact Vivid Landscape Lighting. Our company has experience with home, landscape, hardscape, deck, garden, and specialty lights. Discover new designs by taking a look at our most recent projects.

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