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3 Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Landscape Lighting

American consumers spent over $47 billion on lawn and garden purchases last year. Many of these purchases were made by business and homeowners attempting to add more appeal to the commercial building or residential structure. The right landscaping lights can make the outside of your building, both more engaging and easier to navigate. However, when your existing light fixtures reach the end of the time in service, many problems will start to surface.

Instead of allowing these problems to linger, you have to replace your outdated landscape lighting. With the help of professionals, getting new lights in place quickly will be a breeze. If you start to notice the signs mentioned below, it is time to start looking for new landscape lighting.

1. Navigating The Property At Dark is Almost Impossible

Have you ever tried to walk around the outside of your home or business after dark? With the right landscape lighting, safely navigating the outside of your home after dark will be easy. However, if the lights you have in place are old or damaged, you run the risk of slip and fall accidents occurring. If one or more of your existing landscape lighting fixtures are out, it is time to call in the professionals.

In some cases, the fixture you have in place can be salvaged. There will be times when installing an entirely new landscape lighting system is the best way to address the issues at hand. Modern landscape lights are designed to burn brighter without wasting a ton of energy. This is why they are such a great investment for property owners all over the world.

2. Updating the Look of Your Home’s Exterior

Throughout the years, the outside of a home will go through many incarnations. Keeping this portion of your home modern and appealing is harder than you probably imagine. If you are in the process of changing the entire color and décor scheme you have on the outside of your home, new landscape lighting is a great investment. The last thing you want is for your new décor to clash with the existing landscaping lights in place.

Instead of allowing this exterior lighting to become an eyesore, invest time and money into updating it. With some online research, you can get some ideas regarding how to improve and optimize your landscape lighting.

3. Your Electricity Bills Are Astronomical

If you are like most homeowners, you work very hard to stay on a tight budget? Cutting a few corners here and there can help you build up a respectable savings account. However, allowing wasteful spending to persist month after month can put you in a financially compromised position.

Is your electricity bill getting bigger with each passing month? If so, it may be time to replace your outdated landscape lights. With the addition of new energy-efficient lights, you can save lots of money over time.

We Can Install Your New Landscape Lights

Contact Vivid Landscape Lighting to find out about the installation services we offer.

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