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Three Types Of Vintage Landscape Lighting Retro Fans Love

We deal with all kinds of outdoor lighting for hardscaping, lawn areas, home exteriors and more. But sometimes we get called out to do specialty work that involves sourcing very unique kinds of lighting that give a property its own particular style and appeal.

Let's talk about a few of these, and how we've integrated them into our clients’ properties. This kind of specialty work is part of what distinguishes a true master company from the mediocre, and it’s a pleasurable part of what we do at a job.

Large Steampunk or Retro Bulbs

You may have seen these in some art gallery or antique store. Oversized bulbs with particular specialty filaments are all the rage in some parts of the exterior decorating scene.

They really draw the eye, and make a property look like it's from another era. These large specialty lights are incredible accent pieces for a lot of outdoor scenery, and they throw a good bit of light, too. We’ve spent some time looking at relative lumen strength and other key factors in what you will want installed at a given point around your exterior.

Tiny Lantern Strings

You can get the same retro steampunk lighting design with small bulbs strung out on an antique-looking cord. You don't want to actually use an antique cord with its braided wiring cover, because it's liable to fall apart and expose bare wires over time. But you can get a nice retro look for your yard, anyway. Ask us about what we have used in the past with great results.

Traditional Security Lantern Styles

Security lantern poles are a very common part of a property's exterior.

As we mentioned in some other blog posts, it's now possible to get solar powered lights on a timer, so that you don't need any wiring underground. That saves you a boatload of money on your project and it also makes these types of lighting more versatile.

As for style, though, we have source the kinds of specialty copper or brass or iron structures that make these lighting articles look great. Some prefer plasma coated steel designs, while others like some of these traditional metals to complement other fixtures in their yards. Do you want a “colonial” or a “pomo sec?” We can help make these decisions based not only on style but on what’s practical for a given use. Peruse our gallery for some examples of what your outdoors can look like in partnership with a company that cares!

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